Friday, September 28, 2007

Leaving Shillong

This is an image, I have seen across the Northeast, actually across India. Whenever we start our day for an early morning shoot, on the road there has to be a beautiful, priceless and unforgettable "going to school" moment.


The best view of the town from the Centre Point Hotel. This is the day after their hero has lost in the final of Indian Idol. The entire town is sad and everyone's forcing oneself to go about their daily routine.

The Beautiful Girls of Shillong

Amit Paul's best fans, at a rally in Shillong

The King

He was certainly the king, the week I was in Shillong


Mukut Medhi, without whom, we are dead.

Going Out Live

In a random order different pictures of Live Broadcast from Shillong

Shillong Madness


We travelled to Megahalaya to cover the madness of the reality TV show Indian Idol. The finalist was a 26 year old Bengali boy from Shillong, Amit Paul. His magical voice was breaking boundaries and uniting people from all communities. We had little idea about the crowds we were going to face in Shillong.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mother Market

Ima Market or "Mother Market" in Manipur, probably, the only marketplace in the world run entirely by women.

Manipur Mornings

Manipur, probably, is the only Indian state that has some sort of a sporting culture. Everyday at 6 am, the boys and the girls are there, dreaming their dreams of that walk to the podium. They brush aside the absence of modern equipment and carry on with determination. Sadly, in a country, that talks only cricket, these sportspersons are ignored.

Canvas Madness

It's a world within a world in Manipur. This is Moreh market. You get cheap canvas shoes, cool T-shirts and any gadget that's ruling the world. They come mostly from South Asia. In a sense it is from this part of Imphal, the youth of Manipur pick up stuff that helps them sustain their dreams, aspirations. It was my first visit to Moreh market. It reminded me of the "Hong Kong market" in North Bengal.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady of India, Irom Sharmila Chanu. On fast for the last 7 years. Protesting against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act in Manipur.


One Sunday in Assam

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Some pictures still not uploaded. And a week back, missed out on an excellent opportunity to take photographs in Jaipur. My first trip to Jaipur. (courtesy jit and subhasish and gautam).
We head to Manipur tomorrow. In Manipur for a week.