Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Assam 2008

Floods hit Assam again this year. Photograph taken inside the flooded Pobitora National Park in Assam.


So from Makaibari to Calcutta and then to Delhi. And this is part of F-1207, CR Park, first floor, Delhi: 19. And (below) the late night Golden Dragon revisit after many years.


Makaibari is an exception. Across India, most tea gardens are not doing well. And the government's policy just doesn't seem to work. Tea is not going through its best time. The workers are not paid well enough and the idea of profit distribution seems to have just flown out the window in the tea industry. Not a nice brew to sip, this one. This photograph was taken during the Makaibari shoot.

Hamro Makaibari ( Our Makaibari)

Women are the main workforce in Makaibari.

Makaibari shoot

The King of Tea

Rajah Banerjee, is the soul of organic tea and Makaibari's green song. Almost 70 % of Makaibari is forest land. It produces the best tea in the world.


The car that decided to fly. At Cochrane Place in Darjeeling. The magic of the mountains just let the car fly one day. Photograph taken during the Makaibari shoot in Darjeeling district, North Bengal.