Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kohima Orphanage V

Kohima Orphanage IV

Zaputuo with the kids. (and below) Zaputuo and her daughter Nebanuo at the Kohima Orphanage and Destitute Home.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kohima Orphanage III

"For every Naga born in his generation and the subsequent generation, fear, anger, frustration, persecution and the sound of gunfire have been his/her companion for their entire lives"---Nagaland and India: The Blood And The Tears. Kaka D Iralu.

Kohima Orphanage II

This is Zaputuo Angami with a 11-day old baby abandoned by her parents.

Kohima Orphanage

This is the first post on the Kohima Orphange. More to follow.
Kevizenuo, is a member of the Kohima Orphanage Home. (photograph)

The orphanage was started by Mrs Zaputuo Angami in 1973.
Zaputuo Angami, who was the widow of an army jawan, and a mother to a year old baby girl, took a decision, that changed the whole course of their life. Today, Zaputuo is 85.
The home has about 80 children. The home does not have any monthly income. Funds are almost zero. They survive on donations. They wear borrowed clothes, cheap shoes. Daily meals are rice and dal, (that people donate) and two cups of tea. Because of no funds work on weaving of Naga shawls and Mekhlas, dry flower arrangements, that the inmates used to learn/do, have stopped.
The Home has established a Govt primary school upto class IV. Three teachers are also employed. But after school the children have to study on their own. During school session every year it becomes extremly difficult for Zaputuo and her daughter Nebanuo. With little money they have to buy books, shoes, uniform( if possible).
Day starts at 5 o'clock in the morning, that includes prayer, lunch, dinner and study. "Unfortunately,there is no structured playtime in the routine as there are no playgrounds or play items".

If you want to help them, please leave a message with your contact on the blog.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Off to Nagaland on 18th. The photograph was taken during the assembly elections in the state earlier this year.