Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Hopefully, I will learn to write in a more organised manner soon. Before that meet Mukut, my cameraman. He is a Sundance Festival Award winner. He was part of a documentary on "Unemployed Elephants", that got the prize. Am supposed to get the VCD. Mukut has a sense of humor, that's a mix of everything--Yes Minister, Different Strokes. It's not reading okay. He's got a great sense of humor. This is an unnatural picture. Am asking him to smile. But he is funny. Today ( My second day in Assam), both of us managed to escape security ( in a sense) and get a story on the Assam Flying Club. This picture is just before we got in. Tomorrow, I script. Also a random thought---All my thank yous, to people, I must mention, will come later. For those who are clueless about North East, try writing down the names of the 7 states, that make North east. Quickly.

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