Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Relief camps

Two photographs taken at the relief camp in Udalguri district of Assam. From a distance , this boy and the young woman was observing us. Observing what we were trying to do with the camera. The condition of the relief camps are really bad. Inadequate food, little water. In these temporary relief camps with basic facilities ( in absolute discomfort) the women and the children are still waiting for the violence to end.


Penelope Gan said...

what are the conditions and supplies like in the camp?

Are there any aids?

Arijit said...

the government is sending relief. but a makeshift camp is always in a bad situation. arijit

Riya Das said...

real nice blog u have here.
as for the misery ..what else can be said? the newspapers are full of these :( hope it gets better.

randomrandom said...

thanks ...as for the misery and the entire incident its a shame..arijit