Tuesday, December 22, 2009


In Manipur, education is under lock and key. Not one single official class has been held in this Indian state for the last 4 months. Schools, colleges and universities have been shut officially. Watch VIDEO.

Student bodies want justice in the alleged fake encounter killings that took place on July 23 in Imphal and the Chief Minister to resign.(post on encounter) Hence the call for boycott. Such is the law and order breakdown in the state, parents are afraid to send students to schools. Schools are apprehensive of attacks by boycott supporters. The state government is not able to provide security, probably couldn't care less. Most ministers have their sons, daughters studying in expensive boarding schools in other states. The Indian education minister has not issued a single statement. He would probably say that this problem does not fall under his jurisdiction. The Indian Home Minister is mostly busy in meetings and talking to TV reporters (trying to bring law and order under control). The photograph was taken in Manipur this August.


Alaphia said...

That is outrageous.

randomrandom said...

and no one seems to be bothered..."low priority" and "not mainstream" is what I have heard...such a shame