Friday, February 19, 2010

Report Card

A poster of Indian leaders in the classroom with no teachers (classroom pic below)

This classroom has no benches and right now no one introducing these students to the alphabets. There is one teacher. She runs from one classroom to another, taking two classes simultaneously

It is more than learning your name, and going by an all India Educational Survey conducted by Union Ministry of Human Resources Development these children are at the lowest rung of the education ladder. According to the survey, out of nearly 3 lakh school teachers in Northeast, only 45 % teachers are qualified to teach. The India average is 87 %. In this school in Assam with nearly 300 students there is only one qualified teacher out of a staff of four.
Our Education Minister, Harvard-educated Kapil Sibal wants a uniform syllabus across India, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has directed state education department to include computer science as a compulsory subject. But with schools and classrooms like this, it will require more than computers and a syllabus, for these prayers to be heard.

Our filming began with a retake of the school prayers.

This is my favourite photograph
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ADDENDUM: This is a link to Shailendra Pandey's essay Too Tired To Teach: They travel long hours---On Foot, Carts And Cycles, Leaving Home And Kids. Photographer Shailendra Pandey Tracks The Lives Of Women Teaching In Government Schools in Uttar Pradesh ( View the Slideshow also)


Penelope Gan said...

Like the 1st picture.

Why does your photos have such strong vignetting? Deliberate - post processing?

randomrandom said...

@penelope: thanks. I don't know, exactly what you post-processing here. someone else asked me the same thing. i think it's the telephoto lens combination doing something..

Avishek said...

Short, yet very effective story, with some very well taken documentary photos.

Good work !

I can already feel the excitement (although that may be the wrong choice of the word) in doing something together... truly looking forward to it.

randomrandom said...

@Avishek: thanks much...will send a detailed email

Sue said...

Put the copyright up on the sidebar. Make it nice and large and visible.

randomrandom said...

@Sue: will try and put it up. but with my limited (zero) html knowledge
it will be quite a struggle

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randomrandom said...

@Lydia: hi. thank you so much. and thanks for the tips and adding the blog. really appreciate it. happy blogging

Akhil Hari said...

This is awesome.lovely and lively.GREAT JOB!!!

randomrandom said...

@Akhil: thank you