Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Kaziranga Trail

Back from an extensive Kaziranga shoot. More pictures, later. This is Day one of shoot.

Kaziranga Trail, btw, is the name of an award winning Children's Book Trust book. It's a story about three little boys and how they save rhinos from poachers. (as far as I can remember).


saumyata said...

very interesting pics....wild life interests me alot but have nvr tried wildlife travelling...even though i have seen alot of wild life parks n reserves in africa n india...i did mike pandey profile by a chance

Sin said...

ooooofff!!! i wish i could have shot that! phataphati:)

sumati said...

yes. and there was a film based on the same book, which i remember watching on DD as a child. very interesting pictures. am hooked to ur blog now.