Friday, August 10, 2007

Save the rhino

There have been 12 incidents of poaching this year at Kaziranga. Forest guards just have their 303 and 315s to protect the animals. There are officially 1,855 rhinos in Kaziranga.


Nivedita said...

Hi Sir,

Well i am bowled over by the way you have compiled your blog.It seems that you understand the North East. Will love to read more of you experiences you had there as very few people can ssee the beauty of the place so badly smeared by the terrorism and radicalism.

Keep going


Arijit said...


Saumyata said...

well m not wrking still in college my 3rd yr....will be wrking frm jan onwards... right now making a docu. as a project ...:)

Sin said...

what a shot!!! bro, you rock!