Monday, May 26, 2008

Pangs of Adoption

This is a photograph , I took, in a school in Dimapur. We were travelling in Nagaland, for a 30 minutes on the state before the elections. Dimapur, now, wears the look of a dead town. Continous factional clashes between the NSCN(IM) and NSCN(unification) have turned the town in one of the most dangerous places to live in. ( more on Dimapur and the Naga factional clashes later)
One of the most respected journalists of the country, Patricia Mukhim has written an excellent article titled: Pangs of Adoption in The Telegraph, Guwahati edition. Ms Mukhim writes in Northeast India's tribal societies the death of one or both parents does not necessarily make a child an orphan. She says, members of the extended family quickly take the child or children under their wings and life goes on an usual. But she points out, how times are changing. "The pressure to conform to modern value systems where church marriages are sacrosanct and those who do not meet up to those standards and fall by the wayside are actually ex-communicated is forcing deviants to go for abortion or disown and abandon a child born out of wedlock. Hence the growing number of abandoned kids.."


Penelope Gan said...

thanks for sharing the article and that's such a beautiful photo or a beautiful girl.

chandra said...

This is amoppetunity to develop the North eastern states. Being a rural devlopment minister, educate the rural people and develope has lot resourcues.

Shruti Deb said...

Brilliant. Brilliant.
Without meaning to exaggerate, your blog is one of my favourite websites now along with Youtube and my dear old friend, Google.

randomrandom said...

@Shruti: thanks so much for the kind words

randomrandom said...

@Penelope: thanks