Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just back from Mizoram. We were the first TV crew to travel to the interiors of Mizoram and report on the largely unreported famine in the state. A famine that takes place every 48 years after bamboo bloom attracts rats, whose population explodes and thousands of acres of crops are wiped out.


illusionaire said...

I watch CNN-IBN regularly, but haven't seen this particular footage of yours. I am looking forward to seeing it, about what's happening in my home-town, as I am living thousands of miles away here in Mumbai. God bless you for doing such wonderful work, ofr being the first TV crew, and once again, looking forward to the special report by CNN-IBN.

ipost said...

As a CNN-IBN reporter you will probably report the capital of Mizoram as Aizwal as it reflects in some of your blog posts. It is Aizawl, please... Please get to know us and our names correctly.... ! BTW, Thanks for coming to our state... Greetings from www.samaw.com